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Essential Insights for Coworking in 2024: 10 Key Findings from Digital52 Coworking Series

What to focus on in the upcoming year 2024? Read the summary of 52 coworking articles we published in the past 12 months.
Essential Insights for Coworking in 2024: 10 Key Findings from Digital52 Coworking Series

For the past year, we've released a coworking-focused article every week and hosted a monthly learning event for our community. To mark this milestone and celebrate the conclusion of our Digital52 coworking series, we hosted an online event: "19 Essential Insights for Coworking in 2024: Digital52's Key Findings" for Coworkies Readers Club. During the event, we summarized the key insights we've learned from writing those stories and hosting the events.

With the Digital52 series, we've explored coworking spaces from around the world, highlighting and expanding on 52 of the stories that are featured in our book. We spent 1,820 minutes in follow-up conversations, asking 624 questions to founders and teams from 41 cities. From those discussions, we've crafted 52 articles for everyone to read about the challenges and successes of coworking spaces globally. In total, our team has dedicated over 1,066 hours to this project.

This article, the first of two, shares the top 10 timeless(as in valid even beyond 2024) insights collected from all 52 articles covered in our live event. Below we'll cover current topics in coworking, technological advances, sustainability efforts, and best practices for creating member-focused spaces.

These insights are intended to help coworking spaces plan for 2024 and the future. We hope they provide useful guidance to coworking founders and team planning for the coming year.

Under each topic, you can find 3 stories that highlight each insight.

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KEY INSIGHT #1: The Pandemic Became an Opportunity

KEY INSIGHT #1: The Pandemic Became an Opportunity

An Opportunity to Reflect

The Digital52 series provided an in-depth insight into the impact and responses to the pandemic across various coworking spaces. It became evident how the pandemic period was not merely a challenging time but a reflective one. The discussions shed light on the decisions triggered by the pandemic, promoting a deeper understanding of the evolving needs and preferences in coworking by the variety of new members.

An Opportunity to Reassess

The series further revealed that this reflective period led to a reassessment of operational and strategic approaches within coworking spaces. The process of reassessment was evident from the responses and strategies employed by coworking spaces to navigate through difficult times. It was a period of re-evaluating the existing models, services, and member engagement strategies to align with the emerging realities. Although the pandemic is over now, the effects of it are proving to be still here and forming long-term habits for many workers.

An Opportunity to Unlearn and Learn Again

Building better became a focal point in the conversations, highlighting the necessity and willingness to unlearn outdated practices and learn anew. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for this process, promoting a culture of continuous learning and adaptation. The conversations revealed a consensus on the importance of staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and member preferences to remain relevant and competitive in the coworking market. In 2024 we'll see a continuation of the decisions and trends made by the pandemic times.

An Opportunity to Reconnect

Lastly, many stories highlighted an enhanced desire to reconnect. Despite the physical distancing necessitated by the pandemic, the period fostered a sense of community and the importance of staying connected. Coworking spaces played a crucial role in facilitating these connections, providing an environment for collaboration, networking, and mutual support among members. For the upcoming year, many coworking spaces will welcome new members who will look to reconnect to a workplace environment.

Read stories 01, 05, and 14 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 1️⃣ - Life post-pandemic at 1724.
Travel to the remote mountains of Norway and discover how a rural coworking space contributes positively to its local community.
Digital 52 5️⃣ - Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Locals: How do you bring everyone together and create a stronger local impact? This is the story of Centralita Cowork 🇲🇽.
For coworking spaces located in cities steeped in tourism, finding the right balance when building a community is not easy. Length of stay, language and many more parameters make it a bigger, but not impossible, challenge to solve. In this article, you’ll learn how Centralita Cowork, does it.
Digital 52 1️⃣4️⃣ - Remote Work, Rural Coworking, Working with the local government, Growing a positive impact, Discover Morino-Office.
What kind of impact can coworking spaces have on rural areas? How can rural coworking spaces develop a sustainable business model? Keep reading to get some clarity and inspiration on the topic through the story of Morino-Office.

KEY INSIGHT #2: A New Relationship to Flexibility

KEY INSIGHT #2: A New Relationship to Flexibility

More Flexibility in the Overall Interior of the Space

Many of the stories pointed to a noticeable shift towards more flexible interior designs within coworking spaces. This flexibility is manifested in the adaptability of the space to cater to various needs and preferences. The conversations revealed that many coworking spaces are now embracing interior designs that allow for easy reconfiguration, thereby accommodating different events, work setups, and member requirements. This newfound flexibility in interior design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also significantly contributes to the functionality and user experience within the coworking spaces. For many spaces, this drove new types of members who were unfamiliar with coworking up to the pandemic.

More Flexibility in the Memberships Offered

With the pandemic ushering in a new era of work, flexibility in memberships has become paramount. The Digital52 series brought to light how coworking spaces are now offering a wider range of membership options. This includes varied pricing models, terms, and conditions, to cater to the varied needs of members. The flexibility in memberships is a reflection of the evolving work culture, where the one-size-fits-all approach is gradually being phased out in favor of more personalized and flexible membership offerings. We can see that many spaces will adopt flexible and innovative membership plans in the coming year, tailoring offers to precisely meet their target customers' needs.

More Flexibility in the Way the Space is Used by Members

The usage of coworking spaces is also evolving, with more flexibility in how members can utilize the space. Whether it's the hours of access, the areas they can use, or the availability of resources, the increased flexibility significantly enhances the overall coworking experience. The discussions highlighted how this flexibility is not just about meeting the current needs, but also about anticipating and adapting to future trends in coworking and flexible office spaces, triggered by global events and shifts in work culture.

Read stories 02, 06, and 19 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 2️⃣ - In New Zealand, a company started a coworking space. Learn how and why they did it.
Discover how one of the most well-known accounting software companies for small businesses worldwide, ended up creating a coworking space where they started!
Digital 52 6️⃣ - Developing premium coworking spaces in residential neighborhoods across Paris: The story of Deskopolitan.
Today’s coworking highlight will take you to France’s capital city, Paris. What’s there? A premium coworking brand, the artisans of coworking in Paris, who took on a mission to develop premium coworking spaces in residential neighborhoods.
Digital 52 1️⃣9️⃣ - Creating Community-Driven living and working environments for Digital Nomads: the story of Outpost.
Join us on a journey to Bali, the stunning Indonesian island famous for its surf breaks and breathtaking scenery. Bali has become a mecca for digital nomads, attracting a host of coworking and coliving spaces, including a very special one that you are about to (re)discover: Outpost.

KEY INSIGHT #3: Sustainable Growth

KEY INSIGHT #3: Sustainable Growth

Growth in Number of Openings

The Digital52 coworking series documented a notable growth in the number of coworking space openings. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the coworking industry continues to expand, predicting a positive general outlook. The series captured the optimism and resilience within the coworking community, with many spaces not only sustaining their operations but also continuing to expand to new locations.

Growing with Financial Data in Mind

Financial stability is a critical aspect of the growth narrative. The conversations revealed a growing emphasis on leveraging financial data to drive decision-making and strategy within coworking spaces. This data-driven approach fosters a culture of financial prudence, ensuring that the growth is not just rapid, but sustainable in the long run.

Among the 52 featured coworking spaces, 25 opened new locations post the publication of our book, indicating a positive growth trajectory. This expansion is a testament to the resilience and potential within the coworking industry to answer the needs of the current times of rapid social changes. It also underscores the importance of adapting to the changing landscape to not just survive, but thrive and grow. For 2024 all forecasts show that the coworking sector will continue to grow in userbase. How brands will manage that will be crucial for their success.

Read stories 27, 33, and 26 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 2️⃣6️⃣ - Reviving and preserving a historic building, growing in impact (and not in size), developing new business lines: the story of Opero.
Today’s story will take you to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. What’s there to discover? The story of an incredible historical building, space, and community: welcome to Opero.
Digital 52 2️⃣7️⃣ - Educating a market to coworking, Doing it with sustainability and inclusion in mind: the story of NOI.
Today’s story will take you to Colombia, more precisely to Medellin. What’s there? An amazing coworking space that has been contributing to the local market education of coworking since they started: NOI.
Digital 52 3️⃣3️⃣ - On growing steadily, the ‘art’ of choosing new locations and building a coworking brand with partners: the story of Workshop17.
Today’s story will transport you to South Africa, where you’ll be introduced to Workshop17, a coworking brand that has experienced steady growth over the last decade. But as you’re about to discover, their growth hasn’t just resulted in more locations but has instead translated to more impact.

KEY INSIGHT #4: Focus on Experience

KEY INSIGHT #4: Focus on Experience

Home Became the Biggest Competitor of Coworking Spaces, Great Experiences are What Will Make People Come

The stories featured in the Digital52 coworking series underscored a new competitive landscape where home emerged as a significant competitor to coworking. However, the conversations revealed that creating exceptional experiences is the key to attracting people to coworking spaces. The emphasis is on curating an environment that not only meets the functional needs but also provides a unique, engaging, and enjoyable experience that sets coworking spaces apart from the home-working setup.

Working on Flawless Experiences Inspired by the Hospitality World

Drawing inspiration from the hospitality industry, coworking spaces are now focusing on delivering flawless experiences. The series highlighted the shift towards a more hospitality-centric approach, where the emphasis is on providing excellent service, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and ensuring member satisfaction. This approach significantly enhances the appeal and value proposition of coworking spaces, making them a preferred choice for many who compare them to working from home or commuting to an office.

Working on a Feedback Basis to Improve What Matters to Members

Feedback is an invaluable resource for continuous improvement. The discussions we had emphasized the importance of collecting and acting on member feedback to enhance the coworking experience. By understanding what matters most to members and making data-driven decisions, coworking spaces can tailor their offerings and environment to meet and exceed member expectations. For 2024 many spaces have to create plans on how to gather, analyze, and act on feedback.

Developing Guidelines Around Experience

The development of guidelines around creating and enhancing the coworking experience is also a noteworthy point mentioned by many operators. These guidelines serve as a roadmap for their teams to deliver consistent, high-quality experiences. By standardizing certain aspects of the experience while allowing for customization and flexibility, coworking spaces can achieve a balance between consistency and personalization, thereby ensuring a satisfying coworking experience for all members.

Read stories 32, 40, and 44 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 3️⃣2️⃣ - On growth, coming together in hard times, sustainability and space design: the story of HAN Spaces.
Join us on a journey to Istanbul, the bustling capital of Turkey, where we’ll explore an innovative coworking brand that’s changing the way people work. HAN Spaces is the result of a collaboration between two companies with diverse yet complementary expertise…
Digital 52 4️⃣0️⃣ - Developing co-creating spaces, working with partners in building memorable work experiences across different countries and cultures: the story of Brain Embassy.
Today’s story will take you to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. What’s there? A coworking brand that has been revolutionizing co-creation in the workplace: Brain Embassy.
Digital 52 4️⃣4️⃣ - On hospitality and coworking, rebranding, growth, and following your true purpose: the story of The Social Hub.
Today’s story will mix hotel, coliving, coworking, students, business people and travelers. It will take you on a journey around Europe, to discover a brand that has been revolutionizing the hospitality and city landscape: The Social Hub.

KEY INSIGHT #5: Team is Everything

Team is everything in coworking. Key Insight #5

Great Teams are What Make Great Coworking Spaces

By now it should be no secret that the essence of a great coworking space lies in its team. The conversations revealed that having a dedicated, competent, and passionate team is the cornerstone of creating a thriving coworking community. The team's ability to foster a supportive and engaging environment significantly contributes to the overall success and appeal of coworking spaces.

Better Team Onboarding for Better Member Experiences

Effective team onboarding is crucial for ensuring better member experiences. The series puts a big emphasis on the importance of thorough team onboarding that equips the team with the necessary knowledge, skills, and ethos to deliver exceptional service to the members. Well-onboarded teams are better positioned to understand and meet the needs of the members, thereby enhancing the overall coworking experience.

Using Teams as ‘Educators’ of What Coworking is Towards Their Friends and Family

The role of teams extends beyond the confines of the coworking spaces. The series highlighted how teams serve as 'educators' of the coworking concept to their friends and family. By sharing their experiences and the benefits of coworking, teams play a pivotal role in promoting the coworking culture and attracting more individuals to explore the coworking ecosystems around them.

Read stories 17, 21, and 28 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 1️⃣7️⃣ - Working with Corporate Companies, Educating society on makerspace and coworking, The importance of a great team: the story of The DECK.
What’s the link between coworking and education? Let’s make our way to Osaka, Japan to find out how The DECK is providing a multi-purpose space for makers, employees of larger companies, and curious minds to learn, experiment, and work together.
Digital 52 2️⃣1️⃣ - Building the right team, handling inflation as a community, collaborating with other spaces locally: the story of Herd.
We hope you are ready for some food analogies around here! Today’s story will take you to yet another different recipe of coworking, one located in Vienna, Austria that’s targeted at… chefs and food professionals.
Digital 52 2️⃣8️⃣ - On financial sustainability, learning to do less, preserving buildings, activating neighborhoods: the story of Voisins.
Today’s story will take you to Switzerland, more precisely to Geneva. What’s there? A coworking brand that has been steadily growing in size and impact across different neighborhoods and cities: Voisins.

KEY INSIGHT #6: Community with Intent and Purpose

KEY INSIGHT #6: Community with Intent and Purpose

Members are More Eager to Connect Than Before but They Seek Meaning

Notable shifts were noticed in member attitudes towards community engagement within coworking spaces. Members are now more eager to connect, albeit with a deeper intent and purpose. The discussions revealed a desire for meaningful interactions and engagements that go beyond superficial networking. This shift underscores a growing appreciation for communities that foster genuine connections and shared values. This should not be mistaken with members attending events! Not the same.

Passion of the Team Fuels Community Engagement

The passion and commitment of the coworking space teams are instrumental in fueling community engagement. The series included numerous examples of how enthusiastic teams create a positive and inviting atmosphere that encourages members to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the community. The effect of this passion significantly enhances the community dynamics, making the coworking spaces a more vibrant and meaningful experience for people.

Read stories 18, 30, and 35 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 1️⃣8️⃣ - Coliving, Hostel, Coworking, positively impacting a third-tier city on the coastline of Spain: the story of Sun and Co.
Learn how a hostel in a beautiful costal town in Spain became an amazing coliving and coworking community
Digital 52 3️⃣0️⃣ - Coworking made by a company: the story of Work on Wood (WOW).
Let’s make our way to Porto, Portugal to discover a coworking space initiated by… a company!
Digital 52 3️⃣5️⃣ - On Moving from a big city to a remote village, Growing your community along the way, and educating the future generations to the craft and art of making: the story of Maker’s Asylum.
Today’s story will take you to a small village in Goa, India. What’s there? A Makerspace that has made moving a part of its growth and educational strategy!

KEY INSIGHT #7: Wider Awareness About Coworking

KEY INSIGHT #7: Wider Awareness About Coworking
KEY INSIGHT #7: Wider Awareness About Coworking

Brokers Seem to Understand (and Sell) Coworking Better

The evolving understanding and perception of coworking among brokers is a positive indicator of wider acceptance, as discussed in a few of the conversations in the Digital52 series. Brokers are now better positioned to understand and sell coworking spaces, reflecting a broader awareness and appreciation of the coworking model in the commercial real estate market. 2024 would not be different and we can only expect this broader awareness to widen and to bring more new clients to the doors of coworking spaces globally.

Larger Companies are Now Members of Coworking Spaces

The entrance of larger companies into the coworking domain marks a significant milestone. The series noted how larger companies are now exploring coworking spaces, drawn by the flexibility, community, and collaborative opportunities they offer. This trend not only validates the coworking model but also expands the potential clientele, opening doors for further growth and diversification within the coworking industry. How coworking spaces accommodate the new wave of professionals and companies will be vital in the upcoming year.

Utilizing the Event Space as a Way to Grow Awareness About Coworking

Event spaces within coworking environments serve as a powerful tool for growing awareness about them. The discussions in the series emphasized the strategic use of event spaces to host various events, workshops, and meetups, thereby promoting the coworking concept to a wider audience. These events provide a glimpse into the collaborative and dynamic nature of coworking spaces, attracting more individuals and organizations to explore the coworking concept. As the pandemic significantly reduced the number of events, coworking spaces now need to continue to revive their offline initiatives, using them as opportunities to attract potential members.

Read stories 03, 20, and 39 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 1️⃣3️⃣ - Education and Coworking, Positive Impact on a second-tier city, Understanding your members, The importance of a great team: meet O4 Coworking.
Today’s story will take you to northern Poland, more precisely to Gdańsk, a city on the seaside, that is also home to a unique coworking space supporting many communities, from pupils to women to Entrepreneurs.
Digital 52 2️⃣0️⃣ - How can coworking positively impact the local work culture? The story of Terminal.
Coworking as a trend has entered different regions of the world at different times. How can the openness promoted by the coworking model actually impact the work culture of a country? That’s what today’s story will explore.
Digital 52 3️⃣9️⃣ - Coworking as a tool to improve life in the mountains: the story of MiaEngiadina.
Let’s embark on a journey to the picturesque Engadine region of Switzerland. Amidst its remote allure lies a remarkable coworking brand that has flourished in recent years…

KEY INSIGHT #8: We Must Collectively Do Better for the Planet

KEY INSIGHT #8: We Must Collectively Do Better for the Planet
KEY INSIGHT #8: We Must Collectively Do Better for the Planet

Getting Their Sustainability Efforts Recognized Through Certifications

Significant efforts are also put into the importance of sustainability certifications in recognizing and validating the environmental efforts of coworking spaces. Achieving certifications not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also enhances the appeal of the coworking space to eco-conscious members and partners.

Revitalizing Old Buildings Instead of Building New Ones

Revitalizing old buildings emerged as a sustainable practice within the coworking community, as discussed in many Digital52 stories. By repurposing existing structures instead of constructing new ones, coworking spaces are significantly reducing their environmental footprint. This practice aligns with the broader sustainability goals and showcases how coworking spaces can be responsible and eco-friendly businesses.

Positioning the Shared Work Space as the Place for Sustainable Actions in the Wider Community

Positioning coworking spaces as hubs for sustainable actions is an important initiative. The series showcased how coworking spaces are serving as platforms for promoting sustainable practices, education, and community engagement around environmental issues. This positioning not only solidifies the social impact of coworking spaces but also fosters a culture of environmental responsibility within the wider community. As consumers become increasingly conscious of their ecological footprint, finding work environments that foster and enhance their efforts in this direction will be a major factor in deciding whether to accept or reject a membership.

Read stories 06, 07, and 16 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 6️⃣ - Developing premium coworking spaces in residential neighborhoods across Paris: The story of Deskopolitan.
Today’s coworking highlight will take you to France’s capital city, Paris. What’s there? A premium coworking brand, the artisans of coworking in Paris, who took on a mission to develop premium coworking spaces in residential neighborhoods.
Digital 52 7️⃣ - Growing your coworking space for a more positive impact. A story around a circular economy, diversity, and inclusion with Impact Hub Berlin.
There is one thing coworking magically does: it brings people who share the same interest on a particular topic all under one roof. ‌Imagine then what wonders happen when impact-driven entrepreneurs come together to build a better future for us all.
Digital 52 1️⃣6️⃣ - Building a purpose-driven coworking brand, getting the B Corp. certification, blending coworking and hospitality with clubspace: the story of x+why.
Discover how a leading coworking brand from London is empowering purpose-driven businesses to thrive by offering flexible workspaces, educational resources, and opportunities for connection and collaboration.

KEY INSIGHT #9: Not Just a Physical Space

KEY INSIGHT #9: Not Just a Physical Space
KEY INSIGHT #9: Not Just a Physical Space

Launching Digital Memberships Allows People Interested in Joining the Community to Access it Wherever They are Based

The concept and implementation of digital memberships marks a significant evolution in the coworking world. Digital memberships enable individuals and organizations to become part of the coworking work model, irrespective of their geographical location. This initiative broadens the scope and reach of coworking spaces, allowing them to build and nurture a more diverse and far-reaching community.

Exploring the World of NFTs and Web3 in Coworking Spaces, ‘Tokenizing’ Part of the Experience Offered to Members

The exploration of blockchain technologies like NFTs and Web3 in coworking spaces is an exciting frontier. The series shed light on how these technologies are being leveraged to 'tokenize' part of the experience offered to members. This initiative not only showcases the innovative spirit within the coworking community but also opens up new possibilities for value creation, member engagement, and community building.

Promoting Members’ Products and Services on Their Website, Adding Even More Value to Their Memberships

Promoting members' products and services is a value-added initiative that brings value to the overall membership experience. Some Digital52 stories highlighted how coworking spaces are utilizing their platforms to showcase and promote the offerings of their members. This support not only fosters a culture of collaboration and mutual growth but also enriches the membership perception, making the coworking spaces more appealing and beneficial to the members. Considering how to promote members' products and services is a key question for coworking spaces in 2024.

Read stories 03, 23, and 24 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 3️⃣ - Pioneering positive impact and inclusion in coworking. Meet The Coven.
A coworking brand from Minneapolis built one of the most forward-thinking brands there is when it comes to accessibility and inclusion in coworking. Here is how.
Digital 52 2️⃣3️⃣ - On building an ecosystem around an agency, a coworking space, and a community platform: the story of Protein Studios.
Are you ready to make your way to London to discover how coworking can become a part of a company’s ecosystem?
Digital 52 2️⃣4️⃣ - Lottozero: The journey of a fashion-focused multipurpose space thriving out of a second-tier city.
Join us today on a journey to Prato, a city in Tuscany, Italy, that boasts a long-standing reputation for its strong textile industry. What’s there? A textile lab/coworking space/events space that keeps on supporting young fashion designers from Italy and beyond: Lottozero.

KEY INSIGHT #10: The Quintessential ‘WHY’ in Coworking Spaces

KEY INSIGHT #10: The Quintessential ‘WHY’ in Coworking Spaces
KEY INSIGHT #10: The Quintessential ‘WHY’ in Coworking Spaces

In the ever-changing world of coworking, understanding and anchoring in your ‘WHY’ has emerged as a pivotal insight, emphasized in many of the stories shared throughout the Digital52 coworking series. This encompasses not only the reasons behind operating a coworking space but also the unique value and authentic proposition it brings to people and communities.

“Why do you run a coworking space?”

This question, while simple, is deeply intrinsic to the functioning and resilience of coworking spaces. It is not merely an ask into the operational reasoning but a reflection into the soul and purpose of spaces and their founders. Manes, the co-founder of La Permanence in Paris, highlighted in Digital52 number 15, that the most critical element for someone aspiring to open a coworking space is to discover their unique difference, to put forth a sincere and distinctive proposal.

Clear Mission and Vision

Having a clear mission and vision is pivotal, serving as a grounding pillar in moments of crisis or doubt. The ‘WHY’ isn’t just a guide but also a shield, safeguarding against diverging into numerous paths and places that might dilute the essence and strength of the coworking space proposition to its core customers. A clear mission and vision roots the team, providing a stable foundation upon which every decision, strategy, and initiative is based, ensuring alignment with the core purpose and values.

No value in copying others’ work

Moreover, copying or mimicking the work of other spaces yields no true value. The real treasure lies in uncovering what makes your space unique, and what distinct flavor it brings to the coworking community. This is not just about being different but about being authentically you, offering something genuine and unparalleled.

Read stories 29, 36, and 37 for further understanding of the insight.
Digital 52 2️⃣9️⃣ - Running a makerspace for a niche community, Educating, Growing in Impact, Downsizing the space: The Story of Brooklyn Shoe Space.
Are you ready to make your way to New York to discover a new type of collaborative space targeted at… shoemakers?
Digital 52 3️⃣6️⃣ - Adapting to new members, growing within the same building, promoting the local design culture through education: the story of Fikra Campus.
Today’s story will take you to Sharjah, the third-largest city in the United Arab Emirates. What’s there? Fikra Campus, a multipurpose space that supports local entrepreneurs and attracts global talents.
Digital 52 3️⃣7️⃣ - On creating a wellness and well-being-focused coworking space, learning the hard way (sometimes), and creating a grounding and positive space: the story of Werklab.
Let’s embark on a journey to Vancouver, a vibrant city located on Canada’s west coast. Our final destination? Werklab, a visionary coworking space that has been championing wellness and well-being in the workplace since 2016.

This insight, while crucial, is also deeply interwoven with the stories and experiences shared by various coworking spaces.

In essence, the tenth insight underscores the paramount importance of understanding and embracing your ‘WHY’ in the coworking journey. It's about finding your voice, carving your path, and navigating through the multifaceted world of coworking with clarity, purpose, and authenticity. In 2024 many spaces have to find their "WHY" before they can continue on a path of growth.

And that's it, the 10 key coworking insights for 2024 derived from the Digital52 coworking series provide a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of coworking spaces. Those are not trends, but insights into coworking itself, its evolution, and key elements that make it work. Discuss them with your team, bring the most valuable aspects for your space and team, and make a concrete plan on how to execute them.

As we wrap up, we invite you to continue the journey with us. Next, delve into the insights we've gathered over the past year from running our Digital52 Coworking Events Series. Be sure to read Part 2, titled 'A Year of Organizing Coworking Events' In this upcoming installment, we shift our focus to share our key takeaways from organizing 9 coworking events with industry experts.

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