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Digital 52 3️⃣0️⃣ - Coworking made by a company: the story of Work on Wood (WOW).

Let’s make our way to Porto, Portugal to discover a coworking space initiated by… a company!
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Let’s make our way to Porto, Portugal to discover a coworking space initiated by… a company!

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Facilitating Collaboration - Second-tier Cities - Started by Larger Companies

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If you follow Digital52 since its beginning, you might remember the story of Rewired, a coworking space based in New Zealand, which was started by XERO, one of the most well-known accounting software companies there is worldwide. Why would a company start a coworking space? For XERO, the idea was to give back to their local communities. But, each and every company finds in the coworking model a way to serve a particular purpose of theirs. In today’s story, you are about to discover a coworking space located in Northern Portugal, which was started by… a Spanish company. A very European story one would say! What has pushed Finsa to launch its own coworking space? What does having a coworking space add to the overall company’s objectives? Beyond the purpose of Work on Wood, the name of their coworking space, what does community mean in the context of their space? Join us on a learning journey to find out.

"Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces

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➡️ A little refresher

Who’s behind the featured space?

While you generally meet people in this section, today things are slightly different. Work on Wood was actually started by Finsa, a company from Vigo, Northern Spain. What does Finsa do?

“At Finsa we have been dedicated to the industrial transformation of wood for almost a hundred years, designing and manufacturing technical and decorative solutions for the spaces around us.

➡️ Key Figures

  • Opening year: 2018
  • Size when they started: 2,000 sqm
  • Size today: Same size

➡️ A little tour around Work On Wood

➡️ Behind-the-scenes

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