About AW250CS Members Club

Welcome to AW250CS Book Club, the digital home of "Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces", a coffee table book by Pauline Roussel & Dimitar Inchev.


AW250CS book club has been designed to further our mission of making coworking better by developing an online safe space, where anyone interested in coworking from near or from afar can educate themselves and deepen their knowledge at their own rhythm.


Become a member of AW250CS Book Club to:

  • Understand what coworking is really all about,
  • Discover the different shapes coworking can take all over the world,
  • Learn tips and best practices on how to start, grow, operate or even close a coworking space,
  • Meet and connect with like-minded companies and individuals,
  • Get some perspective on the future at work and how coworking influences it.

The club is packed with curated insights and opportunities we’ve gathered and built on over the last 6 years and goes beyond the ordinary in its educational mission.


Everyone is welcomed in the book club.

From newbie future of work and workspaces enthusiasts to industry professionals who look to extend their knowledge and connect to a larger audience, the diversity of members is what makes it a unique community to be a part of.

Whether you operate a coworking space, or work for a larger company and seek to get some understanding of coworking the book club is a great place to challenge your knowledge and bring them to the next level.

If you have no prior knowledge about coworking this place is for you. Join and get exposed to the diversity of this industry, meet its people and gain knowledge to start your own journey or help others in theirs.

Ready to become a part of AW250CS Book Club?