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Digital 52 1️⃣ - Life post-pandemic at 1724

Travel to the remote mountains of Norway and discover how a rural coworking space contributes positively to its local community.
Digital 52 1️⃣ - Life post-pandemic at 1724
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👋 Welcome to Vang, a small village of 400 inhabitants located in the mountain valley of Valdres, 3h30 from Oslo in Norway. Well known for its beautiful mountains, hiking, and skiing spots, Vang is also home to... an incredible coworking space by the lake: Kontorfellesskapet 1724.
COVID-19 has accelerated the spread of remote working and "work-from-anywhere". Since the release of the book, we wondered if it impacted Kontorfellesskapet 1724 and the village of Vang, and if so how? To figure it out, we chatted with co-founder Eirik Høyme Rog.

*In the upcoming sections, we've shortened Kontorfellesskapet 1724 to 1724, its nickname given by the community.

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