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Digital 52 1️⃣8️⃣ - Coliving, Hostel, Coworking, positively impacting a third-tier city on the coastline of Spain: the story of Sun and Co.

Learn how a hostel in a beautiful costal town in Spain became an amazing coliving and coworking community
Sun and Co. Coliving, Coworking Spain, Coliving Spain, Coworkies, Coworking Book

Learn how a hostel in a beautiful coastal town in Spain became an amazing coliving and coworking community

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Read the full story of Sun and Co. on page 182 of “Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces”

Today's story is a unique one, taking you on a journey from hostel to coliving, and then on to pop-up coliving experiences, all with a touch of coworking thrown in. As you read on, you'll be transported to Javea, a beautiful coastal town near Valencia, home to an incredible coliving community known as Sun and Co. Although it may seem effortless from the outside, the truth is that the Sun and Co. team has worked tirelessly over the past few years to create a supportive and caring community of nomads who not only care for each other but also for the environment around them. Discover how it all came together as you delve into the story of Sun and Co. Welcome to Javea, and welcome to Sun and Co.

➡️ A little refresher

Who’s behind the featured space?

Meet Edu and Jon, the co/founders of Sun and Co.

When asked how they met, Jon told us:

“This house was refurbished in 2013, by that time Edu was by himself and created a hostel. The hostel was doing really well in the summer but not that great in the winter. He saw an opportunity to use this house in the lower season. I met him in the Spanish Coworking Conference in Valencia* and when he told me about his idea I really liked it and decided to join forces to make it happen.”

*The Spanish Coworking Conference is returning this year! If you are interested in joining the event (which is both in Spanish and English), book your ticket here and use the code CWSC_Loves_Coworkies at checkout for a 40 euros discount on your ticket!

➡️ Key Figures

  • Opening year: October 2015
  • Number of spaces operated: 1

➡️ A little tour around Sun and Co.

➡️ Behind-the-scenes

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