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Welcome to AW250CS Members' Club

Welcome to AW250CS Members' Club

Hello and Welcome on board the AW250CS Members' Club! The following article has been put together to help you understand what's the club all about and what's in it for you.

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👉 What's in the Club?

  • Additional content, things we didn’t share in the 352 pages of aw250cs,
  • All the DIGITAL52 stories,
  • Invitations to members-only online events where we discuss certain topics highlighted in the book,
  • Access to our community Discord which is a great opportunity to connect with our extended community of readers.

👉 Why did we create AW250CS Members’ Club?

When working on the concept of “Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces” it was important for us to find ways to keep engaging with our readers. But with a coffee table book, it is not that easy as once people bought the book, there are barely any chances to stay connected.

So we thought, how about creating an online space, where we can actually bring our readers’ community together to explore the book and its content further?

✨ And just like that AW250CS Members Club was born!

👉 How will you learn about coworking through the club?

The Members’ Club has been designed as a place for you to keep on learning about coworking in various ways like…


If you follow us since the early days of the project, you might remember reading about DIGITAL52 on our Kickstarter page (or even better, you might have purchased a DIGITAL52 membership) but, as we also have newcomers over here, let us explain what’s this DIGITAL52 all about.

From today and for the upcoming 52 weeks (which is why it is named DIGITAL52), you’ll receive, in your mailbox, one story featured in the book which will be loaded with:

  • Things you didn’t read in the book.
  • Updates on where the different featured spaces stand today, following the release of the book. Have they grown, fundraised, moved, or even closed? You’ll get the most up-to-date info!
  • Food for thoughts and questions asked by the Founder(s) of the featured space that week, which we will discuss together during…


You’ve read that correctly, we’ll meet (virtually) once a month!

But, in order to offer you the best experience possible with us and the readers that will tag along during those meetups, we’ll limit the number of tickets available each month.

Tickets for the members of the club will be free of charge and each month, we’ll set a topic to discuss together, and most often than not, we’ll have the pleasure to invite special guests to the conversation!

How can you find out when the meetups will take place? Check out this article published on the Club which already displays the dates of our upcoming meetups. Click on the date you are interested in and book your ticket through Eventbrite to save your spot.

In order to allow everyone to attend at least one of the meetups, we’ll kindly ask you to take a ticket if you are sure to join us! If you realize you can’t make it, simply write us an email so we can put the ticket back online.

👉 Who's in the club?

Great question!

People joining the club are coworking operators, coworking users, designers, real estate professionals, and architects but also, curious minds generally interested in learning about coworking in new ways.  

Everyone comes from different regions of the world and has a different background, which makes this community extra-magical!

Now that you are a part of it, you'll soon get to extend your network and connect with fascinating Humans.

👉 Where can you access the club?

To access the club, bookmark the following URL: https://club.coworkiesbook.com/

When you click on it, the website will ask you for your email address and will send you a unique link to click on to access the club.

Watch out, only paid members can access all there is within the Club, so if you don’t see much inside, or can’t access it, drop us an email and we’ll figure it out together.

👉 How will you know when new things are posted or happening?

The great thing about the Club is that most of the content that will be released on it will land… directly in your mailbox!

To make sure you are not missing anything, we recommend you to check that our emails don’t land in SPAM or in the Promotions section of your mailbox. If that’s the case, simply click on “Move to Inbox”
That’s it for now, once again, welcome to your Members’ Club!

If you have any questions, check out the FAQ article we created next to this post, and in case you still can’t find an answer to your question(s), drop us a line!