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Members' Club Events

Members' Club Events

We love coming together with our community!

Every month, we organize one online meetup during which we discussed together a particular topic connected to the book.

👉 What’s the purpose behind those?

Allow our extended community to turn their learnings into concrete actions while connecting with other like-minded individuals who make our community so special.
With time, we’ve learned that the secret to having people being active contributors to our events and not just passive listeners lies in how many people we bring together. For that reason, each of our online meetups is limited in seats.

To help you figure out which events could be of interest to you, we’ve added below a summary of the topics we’ll be discussing during our upcoming meetups. Have a look and if you are interested in one of them, check out our Eventbrite page to get your ticket.

Month Topic Date
October Interior design in coworking October 28th
November Wellness and Wellbeing in coworking November 25th
January 2023 Web3, DAO's, NFTs, AI in coworking January 27th
February Community in Coworking February 27th
March Coworking in smaller cities and rural areas March 30th
April Sustainability in coworking April 27th
The detail of each event will be added as we go, keep a close eye on your mailbox and/or subscribe to our Eventbrite page to get notified when new events are released!