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Digital 52 4️⃣ - Paving the way for sustainability in coworking, the story of Nest City Lab.

This story is about sustainability and coworking. You won't learn how to recycle better, or how to change lightbulbs. Instead, you'll learn how to make sustainability an integrative part of your space's mission, vision, and philosophy. Meet Nest City Lab.
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Their Tags in the book
Changing Location - Peer-to-Peer Learning - Sustainability
Read their story on page 124.

Read the story of Nest City Lab on page 124 of "Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces".

The space you are about to discover today is one of the very first coworking spaces we met when our journey around the world began. There is an “imperfectly” written article on our blog, dated 2016, which we called “Crushing on Apocapoc”, and I can say for sure that this title is still accurate 7 years later.

Throughout the years, we’ve loved following Val, Sebastien, and Fabien grow in their coworking journey, one that has always revolved around sustainability. Convinced that there are many ways we can build a better future for all, the trio has used coworking and its model to bring together a resilient community.

Beyond everything, their focus, their exemplarity, and their beautiful ways of doing business with a purpose have been a constant source of inspiration for our team.

Whether you know a lot or not much about how sustainability can be approached at work, you are about to gift yourself a 5 minutes mastermind session on the topic.

Welcome to Barcelona, Welcome to Nest City Lab!

➡️ A little refresher

Who’s behind the featured space?

Valerie Aubert Pietri, Sebastien Detroyat, Fabien Franceschini, and more recently Sandra Martin Lara who is the co-creator of the physical space.

“We are friends and met at different stages of our life. Sandra is one of our members and supporter from the beginning of our journey. We are proud now to have her as a co-founder.”

➡️ Key Figures

  • Opening year: 2013
  • Size of the space: From 200 sqm (2,000 sqft) with Apocapoc to 1,800 sqm (18,000 sqft) at Nest City Lab
9 years of existence - x9 in size from Apocapoc to Nest City Lab

➡️ A little tour around Nest City Lab

➡️ Behind-the-scenes

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