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Digital 52 4️⃣2️⃣ - Building a multi-layered community and growing a positive impact in your neighborhood: the story of Ryozan Park.

Let's make our way to Tokyo, Japan. What’s there? An incredible story bringing together our favorite ingredients: community, positive impact, coworking and more!
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Let's make our way to Tokyo, Japan. What’s there? An incredible story bringing together our favorite ingredients: community, positive impact, coworking and more!

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Beyond Coworking - Residential Neighborhood - Started by a Family

You can read the story of Ryozan Park on page 264 of “Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces”.

Understanding the journey individuals undertake to open a coworking space is always fascinating. For some, it happens unexpectedly, almost by accident, or as a natural progression of their existing work. Meanwhile, for others, it is a deliberate and carefully considered decision. In the case of Ryozan Park, the space you are about to explore, their venture into coworking naturally evolved from their initial project of developing a shared house concept in Tokyo.

But why did they choose coworking? As you are about to discover, the philosophy of coworking, which places a strong emphasis on community and fostering connections between people, is perfectly aligned with Ryozan Park's original mission and vision. However, the story doesn't end there. Ryozan Park's growth and impact have expanded far beyond their shared house origins. Over the years, they have become a recognized and influential local presence, actively activating and engaging with numerous communities that gravitate toward their spaces.

If you are curious to learn about the journey they embarked on and the unique story that unfolded, you have come to the right place. Keep scrolling down to delve into the narrative of Ryozan Park's transformation and evolution.

➡️ A little refresher

Who’s behind the featured space?

Meet Nori, Rachel Takezawa, and their family.

The duo first crossed paths many years ago. Their relationship deepened when Nori returned to Japan after the earthquake to manage the family business. At that time, the building they owned was at risk of losing its tenants. Motivated by their desire to support the community in the aftermath of the earthquake and revitalize his childhood neighborhood, they decided to take action.

Recognizing the need for both housing and workspace, they transformed the building into a unique space that served as both a shared house and a coworking hub. By creating this hybrid environment, Nori and Rachel aimed to foster a sense of community while also providing opportunities for collaboration and innovation among residents and professionals.

Their efforts not only helped in securing tenants for the building but also contributed to the revitalization of the local area. Through their shared house and coworking space, they have successfully brought people together, enabling connections, and injecting new life into their community.

➡️ Key Figures

  • Opening year: 2012
  • Size when they started: 1 shared house in Otsuka.
  • Size today: 4 spaces across 2 neighborhoods in Tokyo.

➡️ A little tour around Ryozan Park

➡️ Behind-the-scenes

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